Welcome to The Third Annual Cazenovia Do Or Dye Color Run!

Presented by the Cazenovia High School Class of 2017
September 25, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. (Rain or Shine).


Cost: $15 Per Person or $50 for Family of 4
(includes t-shirt, while supplies last)
Kids 5 and under are FREE with a paid participant
(shirt NOT included for 5 and under).

$15.00 Run Fee Includes T-Shirt  

2016 Cazenovia Do or Dye Color Run Registration

Registration has been extended!

Register online at OR Click Here to download registration form.

Important! - Please print and fill out form completely, be sure to include your signature to the waiver at the bottom. If Participant is under 18 Years of age the form must also be signed by a Parent or Guardian. Don’t forget to circle your T-Shirt Size on the form.


REMEMBER to bring any school supplies to the run.

Make check payable to Cazenovia Central School District and include “Class of 2017” in memo line. Mail the completed registration form and a $15.00 ($50 for Family of 4) check to:

Ms. Amy Haube
Cazenovia High School
31 Emory Ave.
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Event Sponsors

A special Thank You to our sponsors for their support!
A Portion of The Proceeds Will be Donated to The Caz Cares Food Pantry

Event Information

All the event details you'll need to know.
The Who, The Where, The Why and The When.
REMEMBER, Be sure to bring a non-perishable food item to the run!

What's on Your Mind

Color Run FAQ's

Answers to your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register in person?
Yes, registration will open at 10:00 a.m. the day of the race at Fenner Fields. Registration forms will be available, just remember to bring your $15.00 registration fee.

Do I need to be an expert runner to do this?
Oh my goodness, NO. There are plenty of other great 5ks out there to test speed and performance. The Color Run event is all about a color crazy day with friends and family. You can run, walk, crawl, or cartwheel if you wish!

What is included with my The Color Run registration?
Each registered runner will receive an official 2016 custom race t-shirt and entrance to the run!

Can I run with my kids?
All kiddos 5 and under can run with an adult FREE of charge but need to register and sign the wavier! (T-shirt NOT included for kids 5 & under)

Can I run with my dog/cat/turtle?
For the safety of our runners and animal friends, we do not allow animals at the run. :(

Is there an age limit for younger runners?
No age limits! If they can cover (running, jogging, walking) the three miles of The Color Run course, they can absolutely participate in the Cazenovia Do Or Dye Color Run! Remember though, as soon as they turn 6 they will need to register!

How strict is the “white clothing dress code” for the start of the event?
As long as runners wear shirts that are mostly white, they are good to go! Shorts don’t need to be white. It is really just more fun to run starting in white and ending, well…. COLORIFFIC !!!!!

How is the color administered along the course?
You will see smiling faces along the course whose main goal is to douse you in colorful powder to ensure that you look like you ran through a beautiful rainbow by the time you cross the finish line.

How do the post-race color throws work?
At the Finish line, the crowd will be involved in a color throw every 15 minutes to welcome new runners coming in.

Will the color ruin clothes or running shoes?
The color is designed to wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful.

How does the color affect the inside of cars?
Most people bring some towels for the insides of their cars, or a change of clothes just in case.

Can spectators attend the post-race festivities?
Absolutely but you may want to warn them though… they may not be coming out of The Color Run party clean!

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the color zones?
Race photographers are totally fine shooting from a medium distance (25-50 feet). If you want to get shots right in the midst of the color we recommend covering cameras/phones with a protective case or plastic wrap.

Is The Color Run timed?
The Color Run 5k is not a timed event. Runners tend to take their sweet time out there and we realized no one really cares about their speed :) We suggest self-timing for anyone desiring a finish time.

Are there refunds?
Because of scheduling this event will be held rain or shine and because it’s a fundraiser we cannot issue refunds. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible. Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.

For questions or more information regarding refunds, please click here.

If an emergency arises can I transfer my registration to another person?
Please click here and email our advisors your name along with the word "Transfer" in the subject line. Then leave the details of the transfer including a completed registration form for the new runner in the body of the email.

What if I am pregnant?
It's totally up to what you and your doctor decide. The powder is all certified non-toxic. We recommend wearing sunglasses or goggles, and a bandana over your mouth and nose in the color zones just for extra protection.

What happens if there is bad weather?
A little rain won't stop the happiest event of the year! It even makes the color brighter! If there are major weather warnings during the weekend of the event, check this webpage for event updates.

What if I have a super sweet question that isn’t answered here?
Please click here to contact us and we will get back to you with an answer. If your question is awesome enough, we might even publish it right here on the official Cazenovia Color Run FAQS page.

Note: Late registrants can register but t-shirts will only be available while supplies last. So no guarantees when registering late.


Color Run Course Close

Cazenovia Lakers Cross Country Course

Sean Googin Sports Complex - Fenner Road

Cazenovia High School Cross Country Course.

Parking Do's and Don'ts

Where To Park

Parking's available at the following locations...

Parking's available at the following locations... Close

Where To Park

Parking is available at:

(1) Lower Lot nearest to Fenner Rd.
(2) Upper Lot nearest to the baseball field
(3) Lot closest to the softball field

Note: Please be sure NOT to park in designated NO PARKING area's.

Support The Team

Want to Volunteer?

We can alway use a helping hand.

Volunteer and Help Make This Event a Success! Close

Do you like to throw color at people? You’re hired!

We love volunteers, and we couldn't do this without you! This is your chance to be part of this awesome event without having to run the full race to get your color fix on. As an official Cazenovia Color Run Volunteer you'll be able to tag runners to your hearts delight! We have lots of jobs available for volunteers so get signed up today and come help be a part of what will make this family event so great!
Click Here to email Debbie Kutik, she’ll contact you with more information.

Don't want to get so messy? No Worries!

You're still hired! Really, we love and need all volunteers we can get. So if you want to help out we'll find a job for ya. Click here and drop us a line.

Important Information

Safety Information

Hey, let's be careful out there...

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Safety Information

The race course is entirely closed to traffic. There may be wet spots along the course so proceed with caution. The course has some rolling hills with the run to the finish line being slightly downhill. Remember this is a family fun run and not a competitive sporting event—so please be curtious to all your fellow participants.


• Children may register and participate in the run at the discretion and of their parents/guardian
• Please wear protective eyewear
• Don't throw colors directly into anyone's face
• No Strollers allowed on course
• No headphones allowed
• Dogs are not permitted on the race course
• Volunteer race course marshals will have safety vests and flags to aid runners stay on course

CAVAC medical services will respond in the event of a medical emergency.

Made in The USA

About the Color Dye

100% safe, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

Designed Not to Stain, 100% safe, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable  Close

Color Dye Product Information

USA Color Supply is 100% safe and non-toxic, and is manufactured by advanced technology right here in the USA. Through a time consuming process of trial and error, USA Color Supply developed an advanced recipe of powder that is higher quality, safer, and more vibrant than colors produced anywhere else.

USA Color Supply top-secret process is highly complicated and took months and months to produce, and they are happy to share the end result with you! Color manufacturing outside of the United States can be quite scary and even hazardous. Many of the color powders produced by other manufactures contain toxic metals and chemicals that are not safe. USA Color Supply colored powder is the best available.

USA Color Supply’s unique and proprietary blend of colors was literally developed over hundreds of hours in laboratories and testing facilities. They have taken every step possible to make their color powder safe, vibrant, and super-fine. USA Color Supply products are made from cornstarch, and used at hundreds of events across the country. The colored powder USA Color Supply produces is made from high-grade cornstarch that goes through a custom manufacturing process to provide bright, vibrant colors that are safe and wash off easily.

USA Color Supply powder is set to the highest standards using food grade dyes to color the cornstarch, making the powder the safest in the world.

USA Color Supply Colored Powder Features:

• Made in the USA
• High quality
• Bright, vibrant colors
• Custom manufactured
• Designed not to stain
• 100% safe and non-toxic
• Biodegradable

Sean Googin
Sports Complex

2350 Fenner Rd.
Cazenovia, New York 13035